Shape Shake 2.0

“Meal replacement for weight loss¹”

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foodspring Shape Shake 2.0
Shape Shake 2.0
Shape Shake 2.0
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Meal replacement for weight loss¹
Meal replacement for weight loss¹
24 vitamins and minerals
24 vitamins and minerals
26 grams of protein*
26 grams of protein*
1 shake = 1 complete meal
1 shake = 1 complete meal
Info (Shape Shake 2.0 Wild Berries & Yoghurt Flavour )
Meal replacement for weight control. With sweeteners. Wild Berries & Yoghurt flavour.

whey protein isolate (from milk), gluten-free oat flour, inulin, rice starch, skimmed milk yoghurt powder, linseed flour, calcium phosphates, potassium phosphate, potassium chloride, magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid, ferric diphosphate (ferric pyrophosphate), D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, zinc sulphate, sodium selenate, folic acid, potassium iodate, cupric sulphate, nicotinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, retinyl acetate, phylloquinone (phytomenadione), calcium D-pantothenate, D-biotin, manganese sulphate, cyanocobalamin, cholecalciferol, grape seed flour, beetroot powder (beetroot juice concentrate, maltodextrin), natural flavouring, thickeners (guar gum, xanthan gum), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), sodium chloride, multienzyme complex (maltodextrin, alpha-amylase, neutral protease, lactase, lipase, cellulase), sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glycosides from Stevia).

May contain soya, and egg.


Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with one Shape Shake 2.0 each contributes to weight loss. Replacing one daily meal helps you maintain weight loss. The product fulfils the intended purpose only in the context of a low-energy diet. A low-energy diet must also include other foods. Make sure to drink enough fluids every day. It is important to maintain a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Excessive consumption may cause intestinal discomfort.

Nutrition facts per 100g per 60g
Energy 1466 kJ/ 348 kcal 880 kJ/ 209 kcal
Fat 3.6g 2.2g
of which saturates 0.8g 0.5g
Carbohydrates 34g 20g
of which sugars 6.0g 3.6g
Fibre 15g 9.0g
Protein 37g 22g
Salt 0.82g 0.49g
Active ingredients per 100g per 60g
Linolic acid 1.9g 1.1g
Amino acids per 100g per 60g
Alanine 1929mg 1158mg
Arginine 1205mg 723mg
Aspartic acid 4107mg 2464mg
Cysteine 1285mg 771mg
Glutamic acid 6514mg 3909mg
Glycine 783mg 470mg
Histidine 731mg 439mg
Isoleucine 2150mg 1290mg
Leucine 4649mg 2790mg
Lysine 3563mg 2138mg
Methionine 824mg 495mg
Phenylalanine 1430mg 858mg
Proline 1833mg 1100mg
Serine 1666mg 1000mg
Threonine 1780mg 1068mg
Tryptophan 785mg 471mg
Tyrosine 1471mg 882mg
Valine 2015mg 1209mg
Vitamins per 100g per 60g % NRV* (60g)
Vitamin A (RE) 519µg 311µg 39
Vitamin D 3.4µg 2.0µg 41
Vitamin E (TE) 7.7mg 4.6mg 39
Vitamin C 53mg 32mg 40
Vitamin B1 0.6mg 0.4mg 37
Vitamin B2 0.8mg 0.5mg 36
Niacin (NE) 9.5mg 5.7mg 36
Vitamin B6 0.9mg 0.6mg 39
Folic acid 148µg 88.8µg 44
Vitamin B12 1.8µg 1.1µg 43
Biotin 38µg 23µg 46
Pantothetic acid 4.0mg 2.4mg 40
Vitamin K 47µg 28µg 38
Riboflavin 1.0µg 0.6µg 43
RE - Retinol equivalentTE - Tocopherol equivalentNE - Niacin equivalent
Minerals per 100g per 60g % NRV* (60g)
Calcium 590mg 354mg 44
Phosphorus 609mg 365mg 52
Potassium 1125mg 675mg 34
Iron 8.9mg 5.3mg 38
Zinc 6.7mg 4.0mg 40
Copper 0.7mg 0.4mg 39
Iodine 83.2µg 49.9µg 33
Selenium 36µg 22µg 39
Magnesium 241mg 145mg 39
Manganese 2.1mg 1.3mg 63
Sodium 327mg 196mg -

*NRV -  Nutrient reference values

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Shape Shake

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Shape shake Cocos crisp

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Vanliga frågor
What's the difference between Shape Shake 2.0 and your Vegan Shape Shake, Shape Shake and The Meal?

We know, it can be a bit confusing. The Vegan Shape Shake is our new 100% plant-based version of this Shape Shake 2.0. It works in the same way – as a meal-replacement shake for weight loss – but it's vegan. The original Shape Shake, however, is not a meal replacement. It's a snack or sweet treat meant to complement a regular meal. The Meal is different again: it's not a weight-loss meal replacement, according to regulations and legal requirements. Its ingredients, recipe and nutrional profile are totally different from Shape Shake 2.0 (which is a meal replacement for weight loss* that fulfills all such EU requirements). The Meal is great when you're super busy and don't have time to make yourself a nutritious meal.

Why don't you include a dosage spoon?

Good question! We considered this at length, but ultimately chose not to include a spoon purely for sustainability reasons. We care about the environment and don't want to give you more plastic than is necessary. It's easy to measure the dosage with a regular tablespoon or your kitchen scale.

Can I mix it with milk instead of water?

We recommend mixing it with water only. This is to maintain the perfect balance of nutrients and avoid increasing the calorie content – which is, of course, significant on a weight-loss journey. Plus, it was important to us during development to make it especially easy for you to use. So, only 60g powder + 350ml water. Thats it!

Why is the consistency different to a regular milkshake with ice cream?

Our Shape Shake 2.0 is high in fibre and mixed with water, so not as smooth and creamy as a milkshake made with ice cream. But it's still delicious, with so many great flavours, and will help you reach your goal.

Is it normal to feel very full after a shake?

With its high-protein and fibre content, our Shape Shake 2.0 can cause an upset stomach and bloating if you're not used to this kind of diet. Protein, especially, can be harder to digest than simple carbs. It usually gets better when you start by slowly introducing the shake and diet change, and don't just go from 0 to 100.

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