Vegan Protein Bar 12-Pack

“100% plant-based protein snack.”

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foodspring Vegan Protein Bar 12-Pack
Vegan Protein Bar 12-Pack
Vegan Protein Bar 12-Pack
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12 x 60g
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100% plant-based
100% plant-based
Vegan & lactose-free recipe
The snack for everyone!
The snack for everyone!
Lactose- and gluten-free protein formula
High in protein
High in protein
Multiple plant protein sources
Complete amino acid profile
Complete amino acid profile
Everything you need to get strong*
Info (Vegan Protein Bar Chocolate Almond)

Chocolate bar with plant-based protein and almonds. With sweetener.


Isomalto oligosaccharide syrup, rice protein concentrate (23%), bulking agents (polydextrose, cellulose, carboxy methyl cellulose), humectant (glycerol), pea protein isolate (7.1%), almond paste (5.2%), cocoa mass (4.1%), fat-reduced cocoa powder (3,1%), natural flavouring, cocoa crisps (2.0%) (rice, cocoa (7.0%), salt, natural flavouring), sea salt, sweetener (steviol glycosides), antioxidant (DL-alpha tocopherol). May contain traces of gluten, egg, soya, milk potein, and nuts.

May contain gluten, egg, soya, milk, and other nuts. Despite strict monitoring procedures, this product may contain hard pieces of shells. Product contains a source of glucose. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. It is important to maintain a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Nutritional values per 100g per 60g
Energy 1350 kJ / 324 kcal 802 kJ / 192 kcal
Fat 8.3 g 5.0 g
of which saturated fatty acids 2.8 g 1.7 g
Carbohydrates 25 g 15 g
of which sugars 2.9 g 1.7 g
Fibre 25 g 15 g
Protein 30 g 18 g
Salt 0.48 g 0.29 g
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Dry and dense

Just as with most of the foodspring bars this is quite a dry and dense bar but definitely better than the brownie falvor. The macros are really great for all the foodspring bars but unfortunately they can't really make up for the poor taste and texture, the hazelnut cream perhaps being the only exception.

Very dry and dense but with some crunch

Just as with the brownie flavor this is a very dry and dense bar. The only thing saving it is the amaranth crunches in it. The macros are really great for all the foodspring bars but unfortunately they can't really make up for the poor taste and texture, the hazelnut cream perhaps being the only exception.

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Vanliga frågor
What does “vegan” even mean?

Our Vegan Protein Bars don’t contain any animal products like meat, eggs, or dairy. It doesn’t mean that you'll miss out on any nutrients, though. We made sure to choose the highest quality ingredients so that your plant-based protein bar is full of protein, fiber, and everything you need, post-workout or whenever you could use an extra hit of 100% plant-based power.

Are Vegan Protein Bars just for vegans?

Of course not! Our Vegan Protein Bars are for anyone who wants to add a bit more plant-based protein to their diets. We use a multi-component formula to make sure you get all the nutrients you need post-workout. It’s also very tasty! So your taste buds will be just as happy as your muscles. And of course, if you are vegan, lactose-intolerant, or gluten-intolerant, this is your go-to protein bar.

Is it just me, or are Vegan Protein Bars a little “sandier” than regular protein bars?

Nope, it’s not just you! Animal protein is soluble in liquid, plant-based protein is not. Vegan protein bars are never gonna be as smooth as whey protein-based bars. But we knew this going into development, so we put together the absolute best mix of plant-based protein sources. The result: the best vegan protein bar possible in terms of consistency, taste, mouthfeel, and protein content.

Why are there so many different protein sources in your Vegan Protein Bars?

Having a good mix of high-quality, plant-based protein sources creates very high biological value. That’s like a rating system for proteins. It’s high when protein has a perfect essential amino acid ratio. Basically, combining the benefits of the individual protein sources allows us to achieve a complete amino acid profile containing all the essential amino acids, e.g leucine, isoleucine, and valine. So, your Vegan Protein Bar is as nutritious as possible.

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